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Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Kaspersky Security v9.4.95 Cracked for Symbian 5th & s^3

Author: Kaspersky Lab.
Year: 2011
Language: English, Russian
, German, French
Platform: (Symbian OS v9.1-2-3-4-5)
S60v3 S60v5 S^3
Rlstype: Original license + c1cl0n@FoXPDA Patch system

How to Install:
1. Hack your phone
2. Install patched KMS
3. Install runtime of patcher
4. Run KMS & exit
5. Run Patcher
6. Enjoy

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 is designed to ensure complex protection of mobile devices.
The product provides the following functionality to the user:
» File system scan for viruses or other malicious programs by user's demand or according to the schedule
» On-access anti-virus file scan
» Opportunity to quarantine infected objects and disinfect some of them
» Anti-virus databases update by user's demand or according to the schedule via GPRS, Wi-Fi, EDGE or ActiveSync (for Windows Mobile version)
» Blocking unsolicited SMS messages and calls
» Opportunity to block the user data in case the device is lost or stolen
» Opportunity to delete user data in case the device is lost or stolen
» Device protection against network attacks via TCP/IP
» Opportunity to create a folder for saving files in the encrypted form (except for smartphones running Symbian OS 9.4)
» Opportunity to identify the phone location remotely (if the device is equipped with a GPS receiver)
» Opportunity to block outgoing calls and messages to the specified numbers
» Opportunity to send Anti-Theft commands to manage other devices with Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 installed
» Opportunity to temporary hide/restore personal information

The product has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
The product can be installed to the main memory of the mobile device only.

Product components:
» Anti-Virus
» Anti-Spam
» Anti-Theft
» Firewall
» Encryption
» Parental Control
» Privacy Protection

1. The error in activation of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 on certain Nokia mobile devices has been fixed.
2. Support of the
application by Nokia mobile devices running under Symbian^3 has been added.
3. Added German
4. Added French
5. Kpatcher minor bugs fixed

About Hack:
Author idea by KroliX
Code by c1cl0n
Support team by FoXPDA

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